Tailor-Made Website Solutions

The Internet has evolved. Your Website should too.

Let's face it, websites are more than a necessity today. They're your calling card on the internet, your first impression for clients & customers. The right website represents the company ethos, standing for all the USPs that make your company stand out.

At Digital Cheval, we've perfected the combination of great functionality, appealing design and sharp communication that is the foundation of any good website. This is then layered with building an integrated ecosystem that complements all of your digital assets and presence, placing your website firmly in the center of your digital persona, ready to reach out to the right audience.

Content Management Websites

Your Content, Your Control

Our custom made Content Management System websites let you control the backend & frontend with ease, allowing all your business data to be organised, processed and at your fingertips whenever you need it. Our CMS’ are designed keeping in mind the requirements of your team and processes. Our dynamic solutions can help you streamline your data no matter what the nature of your business is.

Static websites can be difficult to manage, requiring at least a basic understanding and knowledge of coding and web-design. With CMS, websites are more accessible and manageable for all team members, letting them control what goes on without having to depend on tech teams. What they also offer are better SEO capabilities, letting your brand be more discoverable on search engines.

Ecommerce Websites

Sell easy, Sell more.

Ecommerce has emerged to be the shortest distance between your products and customers. An ecommerce website today needs to have cutting edge insights on product placement, user friendly algorithms, and offer seamless integrations with payment gateway and logistics vendors, among others. In addition, they need to be fluid enough to allow quick changes, allowing you to ride market trends and sales cycles. With our experienced team of ecommerce strategists, working in tandem with our designers and developers, we ensure your website checks all these boxes.

Our ecommerce solutions ensure convenient catalog management and content updation in the backend for your team, with intuitive input methods that cut down upload time. With our functional designs, we remove as many purchase barriers as possible for your prospective customers, letting you focus on the thing that matters most - sales.

Mobile Apps

Light, fast and super-intuitive apps

Smartphones are the gateway to the internet today, and apps are the quickest shortcut your stakeholders have to your brand. For the evolved smartphone user, the experience of an app is key to retention. Our experienced team brings cutting-edge user interface and functionality to create unprecedented user experience, redefining the way users spend time on an app. We have cross-platform expertise in building apps, so be it Android, iOS, hybrid, web apps or Augmented & Virtual Reality, we’ve got the right solution for you.

We believe in setting the global benchmarks in every single app we undertake, with 100% customised solutions made just for your business.

Digital Marketing

The audience is here

You’ve built an enviable digital presence, what’s next? With digital marketing, you make your website and digital assets more discoverable, giving it a wider reach.

Our media planning and buying experts can tailor the best social media ad campaigns, with optimised audience sets comprising your target customers, keeping the ROI at its most efficient. Our team of content creators develop SEO friendly content to improve your rankings, as well as publishing and managing your social media pages.

We also help you create efficient Google AdWord and Adsense Campaigns, increasing inbound traffic for your website, and remarketing campaigns to keep bringing them back.


We are here to discuss your next project. Look forward to hearing from you.

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